Vault – is a plugin for project management system Redmine.
Allows you to store various passwords / keys in one place for the project.

  • Compatibility:
  • Redmine: 4.1.*, 4.0.*, 3.4.*, 3.3.*, 3.2.*, 3.1.*
  • Database: SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • OS: Linux, OS X, Windows
  • Browsers: Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox
  • Languages: China, Dutch, English, Italian, Russian, German, Portugal, Brazil
  • Capability:
  • Storage of keys for each project
  • Separation of access rights by role in the project
  • Separation by user access rights (whitelist)
  • Encryption keys (Vault,Redmine)
  • Print a list of keys in PDF
  • Adding keys
  • Delete keys
  • Edit keys
  • View the keys
  • Saving the key to the clipboard
  • Search by Name, URL, Tag
  • Key tags
  • Auto-complete: Tags
  • Context Menu
  • Creating/restoring from backup
Vault 0.4.1 for Redmine 4.1.*/4.0.*/3.4.*/3.3.*/3.2.*/3.1.*
# cd redmine/plugins
# git clone
# cd ../
# bundle install --without development test
# rake redmine:plugins:migrate RAILS_ENV=production
After installing a plugin, open the settings http://*/settings/plugin/vault
and enter encryption key in the Encryption key field. Or use encryption Redmine Encryption,
to do this, add the encryption key to a file config/configuration.yml, for example
database_cipher_key: HediddAwkAbCunnoashtAlEcBuobdids and check the box on the
Use Redmine Encryption.
For create backup from console use:
bundle exec rake redmine:plugins:vault:backup in redmine root.
Backup must be created in /tmp.
If you are upgrading Vault do not forget to run the following command:
rake redmine:plugins:assets
When set to Redmine 3.* add
Rails.application.config.assets.precompile += %w( zeroclipboard.js )
to config/initializers/assets.rb and restart your server.

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